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Milk quality evaluation includes the following services:

  • Inspection of milking parlors in accordance to European regulations. Static and dynamic reviews of all types of facilities.
  • Review and evaluation of milk cooling tanks. Temperature control during cooling, speed and washing processes using our own analysis tools.
  • Inspection of milk, water and vacuum inner circuits using video systems.
  • Milking teams training in milking and working routines. Continuous evaluation of the farm workers and statistical analysis of each operator in relation to their work.  We use CronoMilking to store and analyze data comparing it within the CronoMilking Community.
  • Evaluation of pre-milking routine times and partial flows to optimize the results of the different milking stations.
  • Control of milking parlor management programs to gather necessary data by our technicians.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of On-farm Certification Programs in accordance to the Guide to Good Dairy Farming Practice. Document preparation after data gathering.
  • Periodic microbiological sampling of bulk tank for the detection of contagious and environmental pathogens. Monitoring of evolution over time.
  • Individual cultures for fast determination of gram-positive and gram-negative in order to provide the correct treatment of clinical mastitis.
  • Evaluation and training in animal bedding management. Calculation, in our own facilities, of the % of dry matter contained in the different materials used in cowsheds.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the data provided by the various Interprofessional Laboratories and Holstein Friesian Associations. Subsequent analyses and evaluations.
  • Basic surgery in breast reconstruction (lacerations and extraction of teat obstructions).

Alpavet SLP is a veterinary center equipped with the most innovative technology to help you getting the best profit from your farm.

We care about the welfare of your animals, for what we analyze forages in our own laboratory.


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