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Reproductive control of bovine farms is key to keep proper productive and economic rates.

Considering the animal both individually and as part of a collective herd, in Alpavet S.L.P. we work on each of the processes engaged in reproduction to ensure optimal results.

  • We monitor different parameters during the peripartum, both at infectious and metabolic level, to reduce transition disorders and postpartum anestrus conditions: uterine involution, urinary ph in prepartum, BHBA in postpartum, etc.
  • We offer reproductive protocols tailored to the characteristics of each farm, as well as synchronizing and resynchronizing programs for each particular case.
  • Early pregnancy diagnosis, embryo sexing and pregnancy monitoring until drying off complete a fully controlled lactation.
  • Planning and estimation of the different herd reproductive cycles.
  • Management of reproductive data of the farm using Dairy Comp 305 software, the most complete tool worldwide for quantifying parameters, fault detection and related strategies proposal.

Permanent training and consultancy: in Alpavet S.L. we believe that trained farmers and tailored guidelines for each farm are essential to obtaining the best reproductive results.

Alpavet SLP is a veterinary center equipped with the most innovative technology to help you getting the best profit from your farm.

We care about the welfare of your animals, for what we analyze forages in our own laboratory.


  • Our offices:

    C/ Velada, 4.
    45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo)

    +34 925 819 153

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